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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Germany For Your Next Treatment

German healthcare has a reputation across the globe for being one of the best in Europe. The standard of care in the hospitals is exceptionally high and attracts many medical tourists from its neighbouring countries and much further.

The highly-trained doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers go through extensive training before being qualified to practice medicine and interact with patients. Continuous professional development (CDP) is mandatory for any practising healthcare provider to keep their skills fresh and up to date.

So, why should this country be on your lift of medical tourism destinations?

  1. Medical Innovation

    Germany has some of the most high-tech equipment to treat difficult conditions with high mortality rates that other countries may default to palliative care instead. Almost every hospital will have imaging technology like 3D ultrasound, MRI, PET and much more1.

    Surgical robots to perform small microsurgeries like keyhole and implant hearth catheters are widely available to give the patient the best chance of recovery from this minimally invasive technique.

  2. Patient Safety

    Germany has some of the most strict laws when it comes to protecting the safety and autonomy of patients. The German federal ministry of health regularly monitors clinics and hospitals to ensure there are no slipping standards that endanger patients or signpost to deeper issues. On top of this, they must pass multiple quality surveillance programmes with the German Institute for Standardization2 (DIN or Deutsches Institut fr Normung ), the Telemedicine for the Mobile Society3 (TEMOS), and the Cooperation for Quality and Transparency in Healthcare4 (KTQ-GmBH).

  3. Specialised in complicated surgeries

    Germany has multiple hospitals specialising in procedures that may be too complex, expensive or behind a large waiting list in your own country.

    Such as…

    - Fertility treatment

    - Treatment for cancer

    - Cardiology and cardiac surgery

    - Orthopaedic surgery Neurology and neurosurgery

    - Obesity treatment

    - Treatment of kidney ailments

    - Alternative treatment for many maladies

    - Ophthalmology

    You can feel safe to know that you’ll be in very safe and experienced hands when travelling to Germany for any of these areas of medicine.

  4. Investment in their health sector

    Germany is one of the biggest spenders in the EU when it comes to their health system, ensuring that funding isn’t cut or spend anywhere that’s unnecessary. The latest statistics were published in 2019, with an update coming next year, and showed that the country spent 410.8 billion euros5 on healthcare, equivalent to 4,944 euros per resident.

    The Federal Statistical Office reported that the total health budget rose by 19.3 billion in just one year, passing the 400 billion mark after only passing the 300 billion mark in 2018. Unfortunately, there is no data for 2020 due to the pandemic but it isn’t looking the country will be ending their fantastic healthcare investments any time soon.

  5. The perfect place to relax

    There are over 350 health spas and wellness resorts in Germany, giving you the chance to relax and recuperate while experiencing some traditional natural remedies.

    Pamper yourself in the many natural spring water hot baths in the mountains or log cabin saunas in the forests. There are even some that specialise in thermal saltwater mineral springs which contain iron and iodine, which helps those experiencing musculoskeletal symptoms, rheumatic diseases and cardiovascular disorders.


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