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5 Questions To Ask Before Having IVF Treatment Abroad

Going through IVF (In-Vitro Fertilisation) is an important stage in a person's life and, with all medical treatments, research is key. However, do you know what to ask your doctor at your first consultation appointment? Being prepared before you arrange a call with your healthcare provider through Brit-Med not only reassures you in your choice of clinic but can save you time and money later down the road.

  1. What side effects should I be aware of?

    You've likely researched possible side effects online but hearing it from your doctor first-hand can put your mind at ease. There's also a possibility of rarer side effects that your doctor has seen firsthand that they can advise you on. Common side effects can range from uncomfortable reactions to medication to Ectopic Pregnancies 1, however, others that you might not have read about such as birth defects 2 or hair loss 3 can be discussed with your doctor at this stage.

  2. What is the success rate of your chosen clinic?

    Alongside other factors, the success rate of your clinic might matter more for some than for others. It can increase your confidence when nerves might be high, knowing that Brit-Med has made sure to work with top clinics around the world. The clinic of your choice may likely have published their success rates but drilling down into how they achieved them could give you a realistic expectation and tips on how you can help increase your chances to conceive.

  3. How many treatments does your clinic perform a year?

    This comes down to personal preference to which type of clinic style suits you and your needs. Clinics that perform a large number of procedures a year could reassure you that they're in high demand and are well-practiced in such a delicate procedure. Whereas clinics with fewer procedures a year could give you a more tailored and personalized experience to ease your nerves.

  4. Will I be seeing the same doctor for the whole treatment?

    Revisiting the topic of personalization, some countries will have different regulations and styles of aftercare to what you'd prefer. If getting to know the same doctor throughout your treatment matters to you, it is important to clarify this before you begin.

  5. What are the IVF laws like in this country?

    Medical laws, methods and regulations differ all over the world. Every step of IVF is heavily regulated and it is highly advisable to clarify these laws with your doctor before you start your treatment. Some countries allow sex selection of your child, others have clear rules on who is allowed to be a surrogate or donor4. If you have a specific outcome or pathway in mind, discuss this in your Brit-Med video consultation to make sure it's possible.


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