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Research and book your treatment all in one place

Brit-Med gives you access to carefully assessed healthcare providers from around the world, allowing you to book the procedure and clinic of your choice in a few clicks.

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We're different

Unlike other platforms which simply facilitate the communication between a clinician and a patient, we give patients the power to book their procedure directly, without any external input. By doing so, we enable patients to take their healthcare into their own hands.

Brit-Med provides patients with a roster of bona-fide healthcare providers from across the globe, all on one platform, and allows them to get access to treatments that may not be available in their own country, that have a long waiting list, or are just unaffordable there.

How it works

  • After registering your account, you will be able to browse the catalogue of procedures available on the platform
  • You will be able to filter and sort your search based on location, healthcare provider rating and budget
  • Once you’ve found the right procedure and the right clinician for you, you will need to book a video consultation with the doctor to confirm you’re fit to have said procedure
  • A consultation with a clinician will then ensue, to determine if the procedure is right for you and for a risk assessment to be carried out
  • If successful, you will be able to book your procedure at a date and time that suits you, with the price frozen for 30 days in order to enable you to make the necessary travel arrangements (such as getting a visa, booking travel, etc)
  • Then all that remains is for you to get ready and plan your trip
  • After your procedure, you will be asked to review the treatment, the clinic and clinician to help fellow travellers make their decisions
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We strive to provide clinical safety, transparent pricing, and to put patient outcomes at the heart of everything we do.

How to register

We’re looking forward to relaunching when travel bans lift in February and help the millions of people like you looking for a treatment. In the meantime, if you’d like us to contact you when we’re back online, register your interest below – you’ll even be in with the chance to win up to 80% off your first treatment.

To enter, just fill in your details and answer the question below. We’ll pick the winners from the correct answers by 18th February 2022.

Please note that registering does not create you an account on the platform, it just tells us that you want to be informed when our platform goes live and would like to enter our competition.