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Healthcare Providers

Promote your services around the world

Advertise your clinic, procedures and doctors to patients internationally for free

We know healthcare can be complicated, and that’s why we’re passionate about simplifying and facilitating medical travel for both patients and healthcare providers alike.

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Why partner with us?

Credibility at a global level is hard to gain for healthcare providers and so is trust, making attracting international patients a difficult and costly task.

Brit-Med removes all these barriers to provide a level playing field for all healthcare providers and also a safer and easier patient experience, enabling patients to research and book a treatment with genuine, high- quality providers and clinicians.

The added benefit for healthcare providers is that it is free to sign up, and we work by adding a commission on top of the price you set up for a procedure. We’ve introduced dynamic pricing which allows you to lower or raise procedure prices at specific locations in your portfolio in order to maximise your clinical utilisation and throughput. The impact on bookings is immediate, as is the impact on your bottom line. By being thoroughly checked and approved on the platform, clinics can gain the trust of, and attract more, patients whilst reducing advertising costs.

With patients being able to select the healthcare provider that’s best for them based on the treatments offered, ratings and budget, they will be able to select healthcare and procedures abroad and outside of their resident country. By doing so, Brit-Med is opening up the market and making healthcare more competitive and accessible to all.

The platform will enable healthcare providers to showcase their treatments and clinicians to patients globally.

How it works

If you’re a healthcare provider, you can apply to become listed on our platform by following the procedure below. Once approved as a supplier, you will be able to build your profile page, upload a catalogue of procedures, details of the clinics, clinicians’ bios, as well as patient stories and photographs to promote your services.

Patients can then browse the clinic’s catalogue and profile page and decide whether or not to go ahead with the first stage of booking, which involves a video consultation. When this happens, you will receive a notification that a patient is requesting a consultation and will be able to set up the appointment and conduct it directly on the platform at a chosen date and time.

If the clinician deems the patient fit to undergo the procedure they’re looking to book, they will mark the consultation as positive, resulting in the patient being able to place the booking through the platform. The price will be frozen for 30 days in order to allow them to make the necessary travel arrangements.

In the event that the patient is not suited to the procedure, the clinician will flag this and our platform will ensure they cannot book the procedure with anyone else until the cause for concern has been removed.

Once a patient has paid for their treatment, you will receive a notification and will be able to download the booking details – or view them in your booking systems if you’ve integrated with us.

Post-treatment, we will ask the patient to review the procedure, clinic and clinician in order to provide valuable feedback to the community and enable each clinic to get a fair rating.

How easy is the integration process?

Pretty easy! You can choose to fully integrate us with your booking system so patients can book their procedures directly looking at your availability, or you can allocate us a number of slots for each day. In the latter case, the patient can select the day that suits them and you would then confirm to them directly which time slot they’ve been allocated.

A list of new bookings can be downloaded from your dashboard whenever you need it so you can process them one by one or all in one go on a regular basis, depending on your preference.

How to register

We will welcome interest from healthcare providers and start the registration process from 1 st May 2021, ahead of our relaunch in November. Come back to this page then to register your interest in becoming one of our suppliers.