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New Year, New You! 10 Reasons to Invest In Yourself in 2021

New Year

1. Health = wealth

Avoiding burn-out and de-stressing is vital, not just for yourself, but for the benefit of those around you too. When you’re functioning at your best – from consistent good sleep, eating well, moving your body regularly and taking time to better your mental health – you will reap the rewards, and those around you will too.

2. Have something to look forward to

Building positive anticipation, particularly when the future is so uncertain as it is now, comes with a plethora of benefits. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we were so used to having full calendars: from vacations, weddings, concerts, sporting events, baby showers, graduations and elaborate birthday parties to look forward to. Whilst we may not be able to do these activities the way we were once used to, there is no reason why we can’t still put events in our calendars and have something positive on the horizon, such as having a takeout planned for a Friday night, a walk in a park booked in with a friend, or a board games night coming up with your household. It will also make you feel more optimistic about your future!

3. Choosing to be happy will improve your perspective

Your mindset is paramount to feeling good about yourself. You are in total control of how you view and react to the world around you, so if you view it positively, you will start to think positively. You may not be able to go to your friend’s wedding, but think about the lives you could potentially have saved by not getting on a plane and going to a large event. And whilst you may not be able to see your friends and family as regularly as you like, you can be grateful that we have the technology nowadays that still lets us see their faces on a screen.

4. Treat yourself (especially after the year that was 2020)

Whatever makes you happiest, whether that be a new bike, new pair of shoes, booking a trip abroad, or booking a spa treatment – buy it. Treating yourself can improve your wellbeing, and is also a great distraction from living through an overwhelming time.

5. Infuse money into the economy

It goes without saying that this pandemic has hit the economy hard. By supporting local businesses in particular, you can do your bit to get something nice for yourself – whether that’s a chai latte from your local coffee shop or getting a new sofa to make your living room more cosy – whilst also propping up the economy.

6. Celebrate small milestones

Anything from running a longer distance than you ever have, baking your first cake, overcoming your fear of calling people or finally completing that home DIY project you never had time for, these are all small wins that can be a cause for celebration.

7. Practise mindfulness

Research demonstrates that practising mindfulness and living in the present directly correlates to increased levels of happiness, contentment and satisfaction.

8. Cut out bad habits

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the mornings and vow every day that you will go to bed earlier? Do you find your funds dwindling because you can’t say no to an impulse buy? Do you always leave people on read and feel bad afterwards? It’s been proven that reducing or cutting out bad habits can have biological and physical benefits, so getting to the root of the cause is crucial. Bad habits usually come about because of stress or boredom. Bad habits do not cease – they are replaced – so choosing a positive behaviour to replace your bad habit with is crucial, and you need to have a plan in place for how you will respond to the stress or boredom that usually prompts your bad habit. Identifying these triggers in addition to having someone to hold you accountable for these behaviours will also help.

9. Stop putting things off

Creating a vision board for the things you would like to do an achieve in the future is a powerful motivator. Anticipation also creates discipline, because when you know something good is coming your way, it pushes you to accomplish the tasks you may not necessarily want to do to get you there. Stop the negative self-talk and the procrastination, and seize the opportunities and the time you have now to action the things you want to get done!

10. No reason needed

You are your own biggest cheerleader, and your body is the only home you’ll live in for the entirety of your life. Putting yourself first and investing in yourself isn’t always selfish, so this year make a commitment to yourself that you will invest in you.