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Meet our Regional Commercial Director for the Middle East - Eslam Shalaby

It's been a busy couple of months as Brit-Med's launch gets closer and closer. So, we're very excited to announce that we've welcomed our new Regional Commercial Director for the Middle East to the team!

Eslam Shalaby is responsible for the commercial expansion of Brit-Med in the Middle East and establishing HexTransforma Healthcare in Dubai to strengthen its global footprint. As our plans develop and our aspirations grow, we look forward to working with him and wish him a warm welcome and the very best in his new role. If you’d like to get in touch with Eslam, you can view his professional profile on LinkedIn or email him on

Hi Eslam and welcome to the team! Could you give a brief introduction of yourself?

I am Egyptian and live in Dubai where I’ve developed my career. I have a compelling combination of Executive Leadership, International Business Development, and Marketing skills, with established expertise in medical products and technology, while retaining a passion for new product launches and development. The way I work is I utilize strategy and business analysis to transform businesses, positively impacting viability and performance. I motivate and strategize to maximize growth and drive leadership teams to top achievement by maximizing brand awareness, and efficiency. Boasting exponential upward growth in career trajectory to date, for the last 16 years in Sanofi, Merck Serono and BD, I have worked in Sales Management, Business Management, Marketing Management and business development in the whole Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region. I am also a proud husband to a loving and supportive lady and a father of two lovely kids, Omar 9 years and Celine 5 years old.

A very interesting background! Now that you’ve joined us, can you give us an overview of Brit-Med and your involvement in it?

Brit-Med is a disruptive solution that will allow patients to access a high number of providers spread over a vast geographical area and with full transparency on pricing and process. As HexTransforma Healthcare's first product Brit-Med will also be critical in the company's endeavour to become a key player in shaping the future of healthcare. My role is to lead the company's expansion in MENA and, alongside the team, build strong brand equity for both HexTransforma Healthcare and Brit-Med as well as support the company's pursuit to expand globally by establishing Dubai entity as a regional office.

I can tell you already have a lot of experience in healthcare but what drew you to work for the company/work on Brit-Med?

During conversations with Jean-Luc and the rest of the and Brit-Med team, I could see professionalism, enthusiasm, and most importantly, passion to keep patient’s compliance at the heart of everything they do. After these long years of experience in many global players in the healthcare arena, I strongly believe in working for a cause and in a place where people share my values, Brit-Med exemplifies that.

Now that you’re into the thick of it, what part of Brit-Med are you most excited about? Any unique qualities that you’re looking forward to seeing develop?

One of the key challenges that healthcare systems have been trying to overcome for a long time is patient's access. With a disruptive solution like Brit-Med, I can see a potential solution to this challenge, sharing best practices and standardization of standards of care. The platform is a unique solution that will bring both patients and providers in the same place, with convenience, transparency and most importantly confidence that patients will be getting the highest standards of care they aspire for.

We’re so close to launching! What can patients and healthcare professionals expect to get out of the platform?

Patients will have the opportunity to access and compare providers from all four corners of the planet, striving to provide the best services at competitive prices through a platform that they can turn to shall they encounter any problem. For providers, they’ll be able to access a global pool of patients and the feedback received will help them to continuously improve the quality of services they provide and support the economy of their home countries through medical travel.